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Teaching Your Children to Save

Teaching Your Children to Save

Financial Literacy Resources

Chances are COVID-19 has impacted your family’s schooling. With so many young learners now at home – and with the annual Teach Children to Save Day coming up – we’re sharing some useful learning resources around financial literacy.

Let’s get started!

Saving = Fun

Our Saving Money is Fun handout explains the difference between needs and wants and offers simple tips to start saving early.

Let’s Get Crafty!

After discussing the fundamentals of saving, get crafty and bring the bank home. Print out our Piggy Bank Wrapper and bring some arts and crafts to the kitchen table. While helping your kids make their own personal bank with an empty vegetable can, talk with them about the many benefits of saving.

The End Credits …

Now that you’ve discussed the importance of saving, we encourage you to talk about credit. Our Good Credit Scholastic Infographic is intended for 5th grade and up. Feel free to use it to define credit, discuss good vs. bad credit and impart the value of good credit for making larger purchases in the future.

Saving money is a habit, and one best learned early in life. We hope these materials are a fun resource and a great way to educate your kids on the benefits of saving. Questions? Feel free to contact us.