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Relationships are of the utmost importance to us. Our wealth advisors and mortgage specialists have teamed together to better serve your financial and homeownership needs. Begin your journey today by starting a loan application, speaking to one of our mortgage advisors or exploring our site where you will find numerous resources.

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Your wealth is composed of various assets, each playing a crucial role in your financial stability and growth. Understanding the distribution of your assets is the first step towards effective financial management.

Explore Your Wealth Distribution

  • 42% in Stocks or Mutual Funds: A significant portion of your wealth is likely invested in the market. These assets can provide substantial growth but also come with risks. Our financial advisors at Buckingham Wealth can help you manage these investments to maximize returns while mitigating risks.

  • 28% in 401(k) or Structured Retirement Plans: Ensuring a secure future is essential. Our experts can guide you in optimizing your retirement plans to ensure you are on track for a comfortable retirement.

  • 20% in Home Equity: Your home is not just a place to live but a significant part of your wealth. Delmar Mortgage offers tailored mortgage solutions to help you leverage your home equity for various financial goals, whether it’s for home improvements, refinancing, or purchasing another property.

  • 10% in Assets at Depository Institutions: While these assets provide liquidity, they might not always offer the best returns. Our financial advisors can help you evaluate if there are better ways to utilize these funds.

Explore Your Wealth Distribution

Understanding and managing your wealth distribution effectively is crucial for long-term financial health. At Buckingham Wealth and Delmar Mortgage, we provide the expertise and tools you need to make informed decisions and achieve your financial goals.

About Delmar Mortgage

Delmar Mortgage is a full-service mortgage lender operating both internationally and in 42 states throughout the U.S. Since 1966 our mission has been to create empowered homeownership by understanding individual needs, simplifying a complicated and ever-changing process, and partnering with key stakeholders, ultimately building better communities.

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